Understanding the Difference Between Commercial Plumbing vs. Residential Plumbing

Many people think that plumbing is plumbing as it is for residential, commercial, or for any other purpose. This is basically true, and obviously, both residential and commercial plumbing use the same material and the functions these fulfill are also the same. Most of the times, leading professional plumbing services may provide both residential and commercial plumbing services.

Even though there are a lot of similarities between them, there are some crucial distinctions also between residential and commercial plumbing, which you should consider with your plumbing service project in hand. Let us discuss.

The extent of plumbing and size

The major difference between residential vs. commercial plumbing is in the size and extent of the plumbing. Commercial plumbing projects usually require a lot more materials than residential plumbing. Running businesses, for example, may need to provide washrooms for both their customers and employees, which are used so frequently.

Multiple floors

When residential plumbing may not be more than two floors, commercial plumbing requirement may be multiple storied buildings. A lot of additional factors like gravity may play a big role in functioning pipes, and water pressure is also crucial in high-rise buildings.

Wide range of settings

When it comes to the residential plumbing systems, the requirement may more or less be the same from project to project. Whereas in commercial plumbing in various settings like restaurants, hotel, bars, resorts, business offices, factories, hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, sporting arenas, malls, shopping complexes, food retailers, grocery stores, schools, airports, gas stations etc., requirements may largely vary.

While the residential plumbing system is likely to encounter the variations of basic problems infrequently, commercial plumbing systems may face a wide range of issues so frequently. These may require expert solutions too, by licensed and skilled service providers. Those who do or commercial service plumbing also need to be aware of all the local codes and regulations to handle the issues and be compliant. Considering all these, it is essential to consider professional commercial plumbing services when your need in hand is for commercial plumbing.